Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dear, Old Gus

For those of you who know me well, you probably know that my car is named Gus.

His full name is Guster, and I believe the name suits him perfectly. His name has made him more lovable...and if I hadn't named him, I probably would have "accidentally" pushed him off a cliff. Suffice it to say, Gus is old and with that comes "complications."

Here's a small list of Gus's ailments:

  • His hood won't close all the way...actually that was my fault due to this:

  • Three out of his four door handles are broken. The two in the back only open from the inside, and the driver's side door handle was ripped off by my super human strength. This is how my handy-man father fixed it. (green is my favorite color)
  • Gus got a flat tire last Thursday while I was at school. So, Tri County's maintenance man, Steve, tried to fill it up...that didn't work, so I drove the four miles to DeWitt, NE and stopped by the Coop. My instructions were to find "Mike" and tell him "Steve" sent me. 
  • There is a small space between Gus's fancy CD player and the rest of the radio. My dear sister thought this space was the CD slot. Now, my favorite Dave Barnes CD is left in there to rattle annoyingly when Gus reaches top speeds. 
  • Speaking of top speeds: Gus's speedometer only goes to 85.
  • Gus has freaky seat belts. They look like this:
 people open the doors and stand there confused and panicked until I tell them to just get in as if it weren't there. Don't forget to put on the lap strap!
  • Until he got his muffler fixed, you could hear Old Gus coming from five miles away.
  • I've had to jump start Gus three times. 
  • At one point, Gus wouldn't stop driving in reverse. That lasted about a week. 
  • When I put him in park, I have to push the gear shifter all the way until it clicks or else the keys won't come out
  • As much as I complain, I would be very sad if I had a different car. Gus and I have had some good times together!

 Thanks, Gus.

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful, rainy Sunday.

grace and peace,