Monday, October 25, 2010

Reading Books and Telling Time

Reading is, perhaps, my most favorite pastime. I love to lose myself in the world of other characters--fictional or otherwise. If I could major in reading, I would...and, in fact, I sort of am.

If I am ever in charge of generating majors for a college, I will instate "Reading" to my list of those offered. To graduate with a degree in readin
g, one must read 3,000 pages (of any book) per semester. Other classes a student must take to fulfill the major requirements are:
  • Beverages that go best with books and how to prepare them
  • Where to find the perfect pair of slippers
  • How to set up and decorate the perfect reading space
While taking these classes you will be able to answer all the "tough questions" such as: Why is it better to read while the weather is blustery?

In other news, I bought a watch and now feel like a real adult. I'm very proud of the fact that I no longer have to dig my phone out of my back pack (risking punishment and ridicule) to see what time it is. I got it at Target...ooooof course.

It has three dials on the face for the day of the week, the day of the month, and the month of the year. I thought that would be nice to have on my wrist...even less digging around in my back pack for my planner. I got home, looked online for directions on how to set it (there were no instructions in the box), and found out that the three handy (or wristy) dials are just decorations! They don't really work. I guess that explains why they are all pointing at 12:00...and why the watch was only $12.99.

Even with the tricky little fakers, I love my new watch.

I hope you all had a wonderful Monday and remember to do justly, love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God. (Micah 6:8)

grace and peace,


  1. I heart you Mairin Wolfe! You're definitely being used by God and you have been a blessing in my life! Love you!

  2. Thanks, friend! :) And likewise, I love you too!

  3. Anonymous12/13/2011

    This one reminds me of your student teacher interview for the school newspaper :)
    - Krystal