Thursday, December 15, 2011

Clothespin Parade

My cooperating teacher asked me to make some clothespin dolls for her daughter for Christmas. Her daughter, who is five, loves to make any little item into people. She will play house with crayons, hand sanitizer bottles, and highlighters. So Kelly thought she would love to have some actual little people!

I made they are:
 Here we have Beach Party Barney

Dapper Dan

 Office Mike

 Farmer Brown...I mean Red

 Hipster Harry

 Notice the slouchy beanie

 Husker Hank

 Betty the Ballerina 

 Pig-Tail Pajama Party Patty

 Sundress Susie

 Notice the daisy on her GIANT hat

 Petunia Prom (she's not very good at doing her make-up...poor, poor Petunia)

 Notice the bustle 

 Poncho Pippy

Holly Holiday

There they are in all of their hot-glued glory! :)

They were a lot of fun to make...and...Sarah and I had fun playing with them!

grace and peace,

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  1. Anonymous12/15/2011

    I got to see them today! They were so cute. :)