Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter Projects

I found this picture somewhere online a while ago. It's pretty much the epitome of me/my dream. I love everything about it.

Moving on, my mom found a great idea on Pinterest for a scarf. We started making them and now I can't stop! They're the perfect Christmas gifts, so if you want one, I'm selling them for $10!

They come in all sorts of wonderful colors with a vintage button!

 I also made a Kindle/Nook case for my cooperating teacher's present. I was so proud of it and I'm definitely going to be making one for myself!

That's all I've been doing so far!

grace and peace,


  1. Anonymous12/13/2011

    There should totally be student discounts... :D
    - Krystal

  2. Anna Spilker12/13/2011

    I love you!

  3. I love you too, Anna Spilker!!! :)

  4. I want one!!! I'll totally give you yarn!!!

  5. And your blog is amazing!! You should check out my blog!! It's about all my Pinteresting