Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Homemade Solution for Dry Winter Skin

I've been battling dry, winter skin for months now. I've tried new moisturizers, new face washes, I've held my face over steam...and nothing's worked.

I did some research on home remedies and I found one that used a one banana, a table spoon of honey, and some oatmeal.

First you mash the banana:

Then you add the honey:

Finally, add the oatmeal:

Once you have combined all the ingredients, gently rub it into freshly cleansed skin. The mask doesn't stay on very well because it's so lumpy. Just take hand fulls and rub it in then let it sit on your skin for about 20 minutes!

It works great. I just tried it tonight so hopefully my face will be nice and moisturized!

let me know if any of you try it!

grace and peace,


  1. It's a let down you didn't include the application picture! A visual would help clarify that final step.

  2. body wants to see that!

  3. Krista2/03/2011

    I do! Also the deapplication of it using some graham crackers. lol