Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Magazine-Worthy Wolfe Farm

My grandma is one of the many sources of inspiration for me. She is probably unlike any other grandmother; she texts (using "text lingo," of course), wears two scarves at a time, has facebook, and paints her toenails blue. She's chic, sophisticated, and stylish.

Her house, much like her, always looks amazing. The first thing I do when visiting is take a walk around her house and look at all the new and innovative decor. Every room could be a picture right out of Real Simple.

Both Grandpa and Grandma have spent years making their country home a perfect, tranquil living space. It is truly one of my favorite places to spend my time.

Here are some pictures I took of their house while we were there for Christmas. These pictures barely scratch the surface of lovely things to see.

I hope this lovely home helps inspire you as well!

grace and peace,


  1. Love this one, Mair!!

  2. beautiful! It really is like looking at a magazine!

  3. Krista2/04/2011

    They do have an amazing house! I'm in love with that dish rack. I'm inspired to go find one myself. :)

  4. That picture of your grandfather looking out his window is so awesome. I'm a friend of Bethany Gilbert's by the way. She said she really enjoyed your blog so I thought I'd check it out too. Very cool.

  5. Hey! Thank you SO much for following! I actually met Bethany for the first time face-to-face this week while I was on choir tour!