Saturday, December 4, 2010

Stars Hollow

Last night I went back to Plattsmouth to work at the Riverhouse, the soda fountain where I have been employed for the past two years. Plattsmouth was celebrating Christmas in the annual "Christmas on Main" festival complete with a visit from Father Christmas, carriage rides, Christmas tree lighting, carolers, and even reindeer. Everything had a Victorian theme, including my uniform for the night. My fellow "soda jerks," as we're sometimes called, lost the quaint 50's soda fountain facade and donned maid uniforms from the Victorian era. It was so much fun.

Me, Jennifer, and Krista in our Victorian get-up

The whole evening reminded me of the setting for the show Gilmore Girls: Stars Hollow. It's a quirky small town with the frequent strange festival where everyone dresses up, comes out to the town square, and enjoys the festive spirit. Although a little strange, everyone secretly loves it. That's how I felt last night. Plattsmouth even has a Taylor Doose...his name is Charles.

Stars Hollow

Today, the Wolfe family is putting up their Christmas tree and getting the house ready for the holidays. It's going to be fun!

grace and peace,


  1. I had fun! The mishmash of eras was kinda strange. Hope you and your family had fun putting up the tree!

  2. Oh, we did! :) It looks nice and Christmasy in the Wolfe den!